Do Not Sign a Severance Package Without Consulting an Employment Lawyer

February 6, 2017

At the end of employment, employers sometimes offer employees severance packages or  severance agreements.  Severance packages will offer a certain amount of money in exchange for the employee releasing claims it may have against an employer.  Sometimes, the agreements will contain other promises, such as a non-competition or non-disclosure agreement.  These agreements require employees to release valuable rights and can be confusing to employees who do not fully understand what is at stake.  Thus, if you are offered a package, it is best to contact an employment lawyer who can review these legal documents to ensure that your rights are protected.  Often, the packages will even state that the employee has a right to consult with an attorney before signing.  You can bet that an attorney for the employer crafted the agreement to protect the employer’s interests.  So, it makes sense for you to have an attorney looking out for your interests. Any questions, please contact Darren McClain.

This post was written by Darren McClain